About Us

Storytellers & Filmmakers 

Brickoven is a UK-based video production company. At heart, we're storytellers who love the craft of making films to convey values and unique factors of today’s most ambitious and passionate companies. We truly believe in brand identity and that every brand should have its own distinctive message.

We produce classy commercials, gorgeous talking head interviews, sharp promotional company shorts and innovative product videos for web and social media. 


Our aim is to separate your brand from the rest, to make premium content that really speaks to your core values. We're not here to churn out cookie-cutter videos, doomed to drown in an increasingly ferocious sea of online media.



The most effective way for your customers to learn about you is through video. ​

"54% of all customers want more video content from their favourite brands or about their fave products. Users are saying that they're more willing to pay attention to video content, rather than text or audio." - Flash Film Academy

Do you want to increase brand awareness? Do you want to launch a new product and hit your sales targets? Do you want to generate more verified leads to your website? 

Every business has a story, let's tell yours.


We have successfully created content for many brands, which has increased their engagement on their social media channels, generating tens of thousands of views. Our services go beyond just making videos, we're here to work alongside your business to achieve any goal you have in mind. Without strategy or purpose, videos can easily fall flat without getting you that ROI.